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 IPI – Independent Property Inspectors is Australia’s leading Property & Building Inspection Network providing quality inspection reports to home buyers, property investors and the real estate industry at a fast and affordable price.

Our Services

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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections, Builders Stage & Handover

A comprehensive written report will give you complete understanding of the condition of the property.

Independent Property Inspections - rental inspections

Rental Property Inspections​

For the astute investor who wants to protect their asset.

Tax Depreciation Schedules​

For the property investor an ATO compliant report 

DVD Walkthrough​

For those who don’t get the opportunity to inspect the property in person.

Special Purpose Inspections​

For those who need answers to individual problems or defects, e.g. mould

Termite Independent Property Inspections in the Central West of NSW Orange Parkes Forbes

Timber Pest Inspections​

Can be arranged via IPI Central West. Book an inspection today – call David on 0410 358 703

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Benefits Of Independent Property Inspectors

Many of these benefits you will receive when using Independent Property Inspections set us apart from our competitors.

Custom Reporting

Through our unique reporting software, we deliver a very detailed report written in plain English, we don’t use industry jargon and our reports include not only the defects but all the items that are ok.

Quick Reporting Times

We guarantee your report will be completed within 24 hours or it’s FREE – ensuring you get the report on time every time. Unlike others, we don’t keep you waiting.

Five Star Condition Rating

Your report will include our 5 Star Condition Rating, so you will know exactly how your home rates. And this is also included FREE.

Free Building Consultancy Reports

We offer you FREE building consultancy on the report findings until the settlement.

Verbal Reports For Peace Of Mind

We can also give you a verbal report immediately the inspection is completed, so you are not left wondering what’s happening.

Photo Protection Package

You should also ask about our Photo Protection Package – Another innovation not offered by our competitors. We designed this to protect you and save you hundreds possibly thousands. The photo protection package can also be extended to include our famous walkthrough DVD of the whole property. This is proving invaluable for investors.

Our Promise

Choosing the right inspector is an important decision as the quality of work depends entirely upon the individual inspector’s efforts according to varying qualifications, experience, reporting methods and pricing. A proper inspection requires a high standard of performance, which we guarantee. The scope, detail and volume of all reports far outweigh any others and you can download a sample report on our website for you to compare this fact. We are proud to say all our customers to date are extremely satisfied and would thoroughly recommend our services to anyone. By honouring us with inspecting your home we will give you our very best effort. This we promise you

Scope Of The Report

Due to the very complex nature and thousands of components in every home, it is very important that you understand exactly what we will be inspecting for you. The scope of the inspection is determined by the Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 and a copy of the scope and limitations are also included in the free sample report from our website and we recommend you should read this in the coming days. Our Reports are written in plain English and we don’t use industry jargon so we’re confident when you receive your report you will have a full understanding of the overall condition of your new home. Our exclusive 5 Star Condition Rating will also help you confirm just how good it really is. You should already know your report will be completed within 24 hours, or it’s FREE.

After The Inspection

Once you have received your report, it is extremely important that you read and understand it completely before acting on it. We are here ready to clarify any of the findings in your report and we can even help with suggested actions you might like to consider. As we will know your new home intimately, probably even better than the current owners, we encourage you to talk to us about any concerns you might have before acting on your report. It really does help to have an expert on your side at this time.